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I have the pleasure of recommending Get it Moving! as an incredibly stress--free and professional moving coordinator service. I hired Get It Moving to assist me with a personal move from Beverly Hills to Malibu. I was very worried because of all of the "stuff" I had accumulated and did not know how to organize it or even understand if I should consider disposing of it. Jacqui and Inge basically took me under their "motherly" wings and led the charge in terms of helping to organize my move -- and this includes the unpacking aspect of the mission. Not only was the move made with basically zero complications, but their bid actually came in under --- and they even helped me organize during the unpacking. 

They are a great moving coordinator and home organizing team, and I strongly recommend them if you want a little bit more of an intimate touch and "TLC" while you are going through what is always a challenging moment --- a life relocation. 

-- Thomas A, Film Producer

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